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root canal For years, root canals have been joked about and feared as painful or difficult procedures. Root canals can be as comfortable as any other routine dental procedure; the key is to perform treatment before serious infection occurs. If you believe or have been told that you require a root canal, it is best not to postpone treatment.

Root Canal Therapy

Save Your Teeth...
A root canal is usually the recommended procedure to save a tooth that has become infected, rather than extraction. By having root canal treatment, the tooth can remain in position and maintain its role in supporting jaw bone structures, bite balance and proper chewing.

During a root canal procedure, a small opening is made in the crown of the tooth to remove the infected nerve and access the root canals so they may be disinfected and sealed.

Teeth that have had root canal therapy lose vitality, making the tooth structure more susceptible to cracks and breakage, so the tooth is restored with a dental crown after root canal treatment.

A single root canal and crown procedure is, in fact, typically less costly vs. tooth replacement options such as a bridge, or implant and crown if the tooth is removed. In some cases, our dentists may recommend that a root canal specialist, or endodontist, perform the root canal procedure. Following root canal treatment she will design and place a crown to protect the tooth.

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